Friday, November 5, 2010

Snook on the mind

Catching A Monster Snook
Tighter harvest limits have allowed more linesides to reach lunker size throughout South Florida. Here's your yearlong guide to tangling with one of those big fish! (March 2010)

Catching a snook of any size is a somewhat elusive accomplishment -- many who have fished Florida for years have never pulled the first linesider to the boat. That's not because snook are scarce, but simply because catching them is a specialized pursuit. Plunk a dead shrimp on bottom off a pier and you could sit there until the first notes of Gabriel's Horn sound before you're likely to reel in a "snuke," as old Cracker anglers called the fish.

Snook like Steve Furry's 44-incher are often tough to locate and even harder to boat.
Photo by Frank Sargeant.

On the other hand, if you round up a few live sardines, find a mangrove point where there's a good tide running and a deep hole right at the tip and drift those silver minnows out there on a fly-weight hook and 10-pound-test microfiber line, odds are you'll promptly be tangling with the fish some have called "largemouth bass on angel dust."

Catching a lunker snook, though, is a challenge for even the most skilled angler. As in catching big versions of any species, there's always some luck involved. But as in many things, the smarter you are and the harder you work, the luckier you get. That's true for catching truly big snook, according to most pros that specialize in the pursuit.

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