Friday, November 19, 2010

Innovative Bait caster

Shakespeare E-Z Cast: by Field &Stream
This was by far one of the most innovative reels I saw on the show floor, and that innovation won’t put a dent in your wallet. The E-Z Cast low-profile baitcaster sells for $40, and I promise whether you’re 10- or 90-years-old, it will make you a master caster. A unique anti-backlash system above the spool (the blue panel) automatically pops up and brakes the spool when the line goes slack. At the booth, I launched a rubber sinker as hard as I could into a wall 5 feet away and ABS popped and locked the spool instantly. Zero backlashes. With the ABS on, there is no reason to even thumb the spool. But as the angler gets more comfortable and is ready to graduate to thumb braking, simply flip the ABS off and you’ve got a regular baitcaster. Aside from the braking features, the E-Z cast was actually a very smooth reel.

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