Sunday, November 14, 2010

Markham Park Bass

Over the weekend me and a friend were checking out some of the lakes in our local parks.  Trying to see what was biting and biting what.  We stopped at several parks mostly out west but found Markham Park in the city of sunrise to be the most fruitful.  The park has several small ponds as well as a boat launch into the channel.  However not having a boat we targeted the lakes.  Using live bait is probably your best option however we had the most success and the most fun using top water weedless frogs.  Its just something about watching the strike that makes it that much better.  We didn't have any other top water baits to try at the time, but most any thing that causes a disturbance on the surface will probably work.  If you want more information on Markham Park and all its amenities check out this site.  Broward county Parks


  1. And you can camp at Markham park so if you ever want to borrow the camper, just holler

  2. Oh we may just have to take you up on that.

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